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    First off, as a word of caution regarding attempts to pass a saliva drug test, is that there is no way to naturally pass a drug test for saliva.

    Saliva drug tests can generally detect drug use during the previous few days and the saliva drug test is usually performed by employers as either pre-employment drug test, a random drug test ( see this on issues to pass a random drug test ), a post-accident drug test, a reasonable suspicion drug test, or a return-to-duty drug test.

    The saliva drug test is becoming more popular as they are a less intrusive form of drug testing, are easiest to administer and have a cost comparable to a urine drug test. The fact that it can be difficult to pass a saliva drug test is another reason employers use them.

    How a saliva drug test works

    Knowing how a saliva test is performed will help you pass a saliva drug test. Here is a brief overview of a saliva drug test:

    A saliva sample is taken from the testee with a saliva swab

    Once the saliva drug test sample is obtained it is sent to a lab for testing. The lab then analyzes the saliva sample to determine the presence of drugs.

    The entire saliva drug test procedure should be completely documented to insure that it is accurate.

    As with trying to pass a hair drug test there is no real preparation or natural way to pass a saliva drug test.

    If you want to pass a saliva drug test you will need to use what is commonly referred to as a 'saliva drug test mouth wash'.